Soccer – Key Markets

When looking to formulate derivative markets for betting and trading,  we first need to establish the driving forces inherent to their creation.

Through compilation (another topic that will be covered) or via market averages the following values are essential:

Home probability

Away probability

Draw probability

Home Goal Expectancy

Away Goal Expectancy

Current Score (applicable for in-play creation)

These values, when applied to our proprietary algorithm, output numerous markets for betting and trading and are representative of the traders input values. 

When considering trading a live soccer match, a common misconception is to include the variable of time in all calculations.  However, adding such an element is superfluous given that the key input values will already incorporate time as part of their probability of occurrence

Production of derivative markets in a manner similar to that of bookmakers, or in the instance of the Kompili Soccer API, a superior method, allows not only for accurate trading but for larger stakes and simplified risk management.